In late 2013, Hewlett-Packard (HP) needed a way to tap into Walmart's robust customer base to complement current in-store promotions and cost-effectively drive brand awareness. Together with streaming partner newrow_, we helped create a concept for an interactive live video streaming ecommerce show hosted several times throughout the year, called "HP Show and Tech." The campaign was designed to provide customers with a live "show and tell" type experience that replicated an in-store product demonstration. By harnessing the combined power of social media and future-forward video e-commerce tactics, HP created a personalized way for each customer to learn more about the electronic products they're interested in to further guide their purchasing decisions.

We created a virtual set with physical elements, helped create the show format, and ultimately produced and directed thirty episodes, each about 1 hour long. 

Overall, HP's embedded page on trafficked nearly 220,000 unique views throughout the series, reached 425,000 viewers on network with the targeted media buy and had over 80,000 unique shoppers watch on-demand videos and content throughout the year.

Additionally, we created additional video assets that were shown within the various broadcasts: