Events with impact

In November 2017 Iris MediaWorks handled live event coverage for the second ConsenSys Ethereal Conference. See below for how we turn a one day event into a year's worth of evergreen content that spans from San Francisco to Davos.

Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at 1.17.14 PM.png


Grow ticket sales, build awareness, and celebrate sponsors. For this video we re-purposed assets we shot at previous events. 

Live Event Coverage


Live cinematic multi-cam coverage of events broadcast live to Facebook, YouTube, or behind a paywall.

EVENT VOD (Video on Demand)

Speakers, panels, and sponsored interviews available across social media. We are able to create video and release it on social channels while the event is still happening, as well.

social and sponsor videos

Sponsored and targeted interviews and LinkedIn/Twitter ready social content to celebrate speakers and sponsors. 


Reach the audiences you want to impact with educational content and content focused on specific interests.

Anthem Video

Show the world what your event was about and what it accomplished while driving awareness of your event, helping attract new sponsors, panelists, and attendees.