ConsenSys asked Iris MediaWorks to attend the 2017 Ethereal Conference and create several types of content around the event. We captured interviews during the event, edited and released video of both stage's panels, made a video aimed at developers, and created an anthem video celebrating the overall event.


For this conference, we did not shoot the video of the panels. The event production company did, and we edited them.


[mitzi interview] [novogratz interview]

Anthem Video

Developer Video

San Francisco

As ConsenSys approached its second Ethereal Conference, we changed the CTA at the end of the anthem video to encourage people to buy tickets. We also proposed that Iris MediaWorks be in charge of capturing the footage of the panels, and livestream them. The livestream was cut into individual panels after the fact, so each panel is searchable and able to capture additional audience.

Livestream Cut Downs


Anthem Video

Educational Videos