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wellness - Narrative

We helped pioneer a new type of Continuing Medical Education: engaging and informing medical audiences about the experiences and costs of disease states. We create medically accurate, narrative videos ranging from a few minutes long to nearly an hour long that are viewed in theaters and medical platforms. These videos highlight the disruptive and painful aspects of diseases, even when they are properly diagnosed and treated. Below are some trailers for our longer pieces, and some shorter pieces in their entirety.

GSK - best plans - trailer


Eli Lilly - three windows - trailer


Forest Laboratories - Rush Hour


Eli Lilly - Living & Learning

Eli Lilly wanted to help mental health and social workers who assisted people with schizophrenia living on their own in supervised apartments. They knew that these workers were using episodes of Seinfeld to help illustrate parts of living on one's own. However, the episodes of Seinfeld were introducing as many questions as they were helping to answer. We worked with Eli Lilly to create a sitcom that would help illustrate life principles without confusing patients. Below is one episode out of the 24 episode season that we produced.


wellness - Documentary

GSK - Rotavirus Documentary - Introduction

GSK - Rotavirus Documentary - Doctor/Nurse Perspective 


wellness - General

Greenwich hospital - You Are


Celgene - Revlimid Launch