Selected videos

Why is this important: We make content for everyone that changes behavior in our target demo. This video was made to change the behavior of about 10 people. We needed the CEO’s of Maersk, MSC, Hanjin, and Zim to understand that blockchain based EBL’s are an evolution of best practices and similar to things they have done before, not a revolution. ROI = now has buy-in from shipping companies and has shipped at least 2 containers without the use of paper bills of lading.

Why this is important: We can find production efficiencies by documenting an event (and broadcasting live if the material merits that) and then re-purposing that documentation as snackable video content. Sure this almost 5 min long Barclay’s video is great to have internally, but the most important aspect of it is the two small videos afterwords. Both of the subjects shared them, retweeted them, Moe had it on her personal webpage for a while. These are meaningful connections that stay with people. One hypothesis for a charity is that if we film one event well with lots of coverage and plan it carefully we will be able to deliver dozens, if not hundreds of custom videos to stakeholders making it easier for people to celebrate their donation, participation, apply for grants, raise awareness etc...

Why this is important: The mission, make interesting video content out of malware. This video was designed to look like it belonged in the WSJ so we could work with Forensiq’s PR company to place it there. ROI = Video ran alongside an article in WSJ, Forensiq reported to us their website traffic doubled and sales increased 50%

Why this is important: Content for everyone means finding the angle that will hook people in. This was originally a “video about insurance”. We challenged our client to name a video about insurance that they had ever watched. They could not name one. So we suggested that in a world where most insurance companies speak about protecting yourself from risk, we differentiate and celebrate risk by interviewing successful business people in key verticals who had taken risk and succeeded. ROI = numerous press mentions for Hiscox company, we paid Vox to host this video for a month. It continues to drive traffic to their original content (outperforming it in some cases).

Why this is important: Video does not need to be fancy, but the messaging needs to be spot on. I advise these guys and spent quite a bit of time with Andrew helping to craft his message. ROI = their most popular piece of content, 6.2k views on Facebook, (they have under 600 followers), lead to new business discussions and helped solidify Andrew as a thought leader in their space.

Here are some other pieces of content we have made, feel free to skip or explore the ones that seem interesting.

Our reel with data:

Walmart- a live interactive one hour show that we shot 50 episodes of, they sold out of the laptops:

MAC - a live experimental show

Our Reel of Pretty People doing Pretty things:

Bon Appétit - Our show about food:

Techstars IoT Class of 2016 - Introduction Video