Iris MediaWorks Livestream Options

Below are various options for livestreaming, from high end custom programming to on-demand single camera broadcasting.


Custom Show Series

Hewlett Packard needed a way to tap into Walmart's substantial customer base to complement their in-store promotional campaign. We helped create an interactive, live streaming ecommerce show that ultimately aired 45 episodes, and provided engagement rates that nobody thought possible.

Cost: $$$,$$$ to $,$$$,$$$


High End Live Event

Famous drag queens, stunning body paint, live music and dance performances, and more… MAC wanted to celebrate their culture with this live streaming art collaboration. We helped manage all logistics and both directed and produced the live stream.

Cost: $$,$$$ to $$$,$$$

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Live Streaming of Pre-Existing Events

Are you producing an event? Want to live stream your panel of experts? We can send a small team to livestream the event directly to Facebook or Youtube (and elsewhere). Depending on what your needs are, and what you are already planning on, costs can be quite low.

Cost: $,$$$ to $$,$$$