Informational Videos Placed with Publishers

Below are examples of informational-style videos that can be placed within articles that further illustrate or elevate the article itself. By placing these videos within articles, we are able to vastly increase the reach of the videos over a paid advertising campaign.

Two videos created for ForensIQ. Specifically designed to feel like an experiment so their PR firm could push it out to publishers. The video was posted to Wall Street Journal, Business Insider and more, and the campaign was named 2014 tech headline of the year by Marketing Magazine.

Narrative Content

We create narrative content to tell compelling stories. Whether they are documentary style videos or fictional stories, we concept, write, and produce series and one-offs for companies that range from insurance to pharmaceutical to tech startups.

As an industry, insurance companies are risk averse. However, Hiscox Insurance wanted to highlight that their clients, small business owners, are exactly the opposite, and typically take big risks, which necessitates the need for small business insurance. To appeal to that demographic, we created a hosted interview series asking business founders about the risks they took to start their own company. We aligned the businesses we interviewed to match Vox's various blogs which hosted the series' initial run.

Scott Angelus, an ethically-ambiguous Wall Street executive, clashes with James Locke, an intrepid journalist determined to break him during a live TV interview. SPiN was designed as a short film that would stand on its own, while also being used as promotional material for a finance-focused PR firm. The film follows 13 minutes of an on-air broadcast that doesn't quite go as planned. The first thing the lead character should do after the film ends is pick up a phone and call a really fantastic PR firm.

For Condé Nast and Bon Appétit, we created the concept, assisted the host (a BA editor) with her first on-screen hosting experience, produced, directed, and post produced the series. 

For pharmaceutical companies, we work with teams of doctors to create medically accurate Continuing Medical Educational (CME) narratives. These stories follow patients, families, and medical professionals, exploring the ways that various diseases affect all involved. Legally CME videos can not advocate for particular drugs or treatments, rather they seek to illustrate the effects outside of the doctor's office or hospital.

Influencer Videos

We often film one or more interviews before, during, or after other shoots, where we can position client leadership as thought leaders and influencers. These are an inexpensive yet very effective add-on, and can also be done standalone.

Additional Videos

We concepted, produced, and directed the below videos, working with Weber Shandwick. Distributed online with a coupon attached at the end to encourage sharing, they got millions of organic views and shares before they took them down, removed the coupon, and put them back up.