Teach your audience and dramatically increase your earned media

ForensIQ provides a solution for marketers to help detect fraudulent ad views.  ForensIQ's CMO approached us with a problem: how to make an esoteric issue interesting. We created a story and concept that the general public could understand, which helped get their content onto The Wall Street Journal, as well as dozens of other publisher's websites.

We helped create the Top ad-tech headline of 2014 for Forensiq:

  •  Marketing Magazine named our video the key of 2014's most popular ad-tech story. 
  • Video embedded on articles in The Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, Marketing Magazine, Technorati, Media Post, and more.
  • 19,000 Organic views and counting


Create High Production Value Videos During Live Events

Barclays and Rise New York wanted to reach a diverse audience to raise awareness of their Heroes vs. Hackers Hackathon. Working with the VP of Global Open Innovation at Barclays, we created a promo video, along with a series of short videos for their social channels.

10,000 organic views, 1200 organic tweets

  • We created six animated characters that represented the skills needed to win the hackathon
  • We created a two minute promotional video advertising the event
  • During the event, we interviewed teams, filmed timelapses, edited and delivered numerous videos to distribute through their social channels while the event was still going on.
  • 10,000 views on youtube, 1.2M unique users reached, 8.1M impressions