Selected Videos - Branding & Marketing


Hiscox Insurance

Hiscox Insurance is primarily a small business insurance company. We created a series of six interviews with small business founders in a range of verticals. We interviewed them about courage, fear, and risk, and how they made the leap to create their own businesses.


The shipping industry is understandably extremely skeptical of cutting edge technologies. Wave needed the worlds largest shipping companies to trust them and understand that a blockchain-based bill of lading was an evolution not a revolution.

Prosek Partners

The below short film was created for Prosek Partners, a finance focused PR firm. The concept behind this play is that immediately after the short film ends, the main character would pick up his phone and call a PR firm before doing anything else.

Forensiq - Bad Bot Experiment

This piece was specifically designed to feel like an experiment so their PR firm could push it out to publishers. The video was posted to Wall Street Journal, Business Insider and more, and the campaign was named 2014 tech headline of the year by Marketing Magazine.


Hewlett Packard


Narrative Work

Eli Lily

Feature Films