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What We Do

``It’s an approach that makes sense for a small brand trying to break through in the cluttered video landscape.`` - Wall Street Journal on Courageous Leaders

We help banks reach hackers. We help toy companies reach digital savvy millennial moms. We tell stories that inspire audiences and reach them where it matters — in their hearts.

We know that the best way to reach your audience is by providing value to them. Create content that matters, and you’ll see results. We work with your team to identify your goals, and work backwards to devise a strategy that will have the greatest impact. Whether it is a short informational video, an interview series that delights and informs, or something that’s never been done before, we’ll guide you through the process and make it a pleasure.


Below are some of the types of content we produce. We love creating things that have never been done before, so if you don’t see what you’re looking to make, let’s chat!

Branded Series

Create your own television show. Whether it looks like a documentary or a thrilling drama, creating a show that revolves around themes that promote your brand is a great way to reach huge audiences.

Feature Films & Branded Cinema

We produce long form “featurettes” that take branded storytelling to the next level. With runtimes of 30-120 minutes, the ability to delight and inform audiences is unparalleled.


Create a commercial that resonates with your audience. By telling a compelling story, you can help move them to action.

Personalized Content

Create content that is unique for each of your customers. We take data sets and turn them into videos that are personalized. Susan’s video will mention her by name, along with her individual preferences, account info, etc.

Live Production

Take your event to the next level with live streaming. We’ve been producing live content for fortune 100 companies since before periscope existed. Increase your reach, broaden your offerings to sponsors, interact with the home audience.


Iris MediaWorks went above and beyond for our video production – they were an absolute pleasure to work with taking into account all of our requirements, whilst having a consultative attitude to guide us through our project. They worked hard to achieve our tight deadlines, and on the day were incredibly supportive in facilitating all of the shots we wished to take. Their directors were fantastic on the day which helped to get great sound bites and their follow up was very helpful in meeting our multiple requests for output.

Nic Adhia, VP Global Open Innovation, Barclays

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