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We help companies in the business of advanced technology including artificial intelligence, decentralized clouds, blockchains, finance, and medicine share their solutions with investors, leaders, regulators, and potential customers.

With a deep understanding of the power and limits of new technology including regulatory concerns, the competitive landscape, and potential markets we work tirelessly to make future tech tomorrow’s norm.

Telling Technology Stories

Wave BL

WAVE connects all members of the supply chain to a decentralized network and allows them a direct exchange of documents. The shipping industry is understandably extremely skeptical of cutting edge technologies. We identified a messaging that would effectively communicate their message and overcome early objections to blockchain technology. Together with WAVE we built a story and video around how the adoption of evolutionary technologies in the past helped shipping companies grow… with WAVE products being the next step forward.


In 2017 ConsenSys headed to Davos to share how blockchain technology could change the world. Iris MediaWorks had hundreds of hours of previously acquired footage from ConsenSys events and interviews. Together with the in house ConsenSys video team we repurposed interview footage from Ethereal San Francisco to create an easy to understand review of blockchain technology and how it could be used.


To build engineer interest in decentralized clouds, DFINITY sent Iris MediaWorks previously shot footage of their hacker house that described the technological challenges they were solving for. Working with DFINITY’s in house team, we built a mini-documentary targeted toward engineers interested in the space.


ForensIQ provides a solution for marketers to help detect fraudulent ad views. ForensIQ's CMO approached us with a problem: how to make an esoteric issue like ad-fraud newsworthy. We created a story and concept that the general public could understand, which helped get this piece of content onto The Wall Street Journal, as well as dozens of other publisher's websites.

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