January 2014

We are pleased to announce that Mitch Levine, one of our directors, has been selected as the Provincetown Film Festival festival's Executive Director and CEO. Renowned director John Waters, Provincetown International Film Festival’s resident artist and presenter of its Filmmaker on the Edge Award said, “Mitch Levine comes to Provincetown Film Festival with experience, a new found energy and a will to make movie going all over town an even better experience than ever!” "I knew we had struck gold when Mitch accepted the position to lead the festival and the [Provincetown Film Society]," said PIFF Artistic Director Connie White. "His experience, creativity and genuine love

Hello! It has been a while since our last get together, and we would really love to meet up! Join us on Thursday, January 23rd for a celebration of the past year's success and a nice friendly welcome to 2014. We will be having a splendid time at our new studio and gallery space from 6pm until 7:30 and then off to our favorite bar/coffee shop/dance hall a block away