HP Show & Tech Nominated for Shorty Awards

We’re proud to announce that HP Show and Tech has been nominated for two Shorty Awards! Throughout 2014, Iris MediaWorks partnered with Newrow to produce Show and Tech for both Hewlett Packard and Walmart.

In late 2013, Hewlett-Packard (HP), needed a way to tap into Walmart’s robust customer base to complement current in-store promotions and cost-effectively drive brand awareness. We worked with the team at newrow HP make its existing shopping channel on Walmart.com come to life with an interactive live video streaming e-commerce show hosted several times throughout the year. The campaign was designed to provide customers with a live “show and tell” type experience that replicated an in-store product demonstration.

HP Show and Tech connected viewers in real time with consumer electronic experts, allowing them to become guests on the show via their webcam, submit questions through Twitter, participate in live polling and interact directly with HP. On average, 42 percent of viewers engaged during the broadcast and participated in the chat, questions and social stream portions of the program.

Through the integration of a real-time social media stream within live video shows and manual culling of comments and questions via Twitter and Facebook interaction, HP amassed over 185 million impressions to the #hpshowandtech hashtag. Additionally, 31 percent of all viewership came from mobile and tablet devices supporting the trend of multi-device consumer-to-brand video engagement.

Overall, HP’s embedded page on <a title=”HP Show and Tech” Walmart.com trafficked nearly 220,000 unique views throughout the series, reached 425,000 viewers on network with the targeted media buy and had over 80,000 unique shoppers watch on-demand videos and content throughout the year.

Although increasing real-time views and user engagement were key goals of the live campaign, once the live sessions ended, HP continued brand awareness and purchasing momentum through on-demand video engagement. Nearly 50 percent of campaign traffic came from viewers watching on-demand #HPShowandTech specific content after the live stream shows.

See below for the teaser for HP Show and Tech, and a look behind the scenes.