On February 6th Iris MediaWorks premiered its anticipated Wall Street short film drama, SPiN. The film starring Hartley Sawyer and Wilson Cleveland (Leap Year) is now available worldwide on several streaming, On Demand, and SVOD platforms as well as the dedicated website SPiN. Set in the bustling newsroom of an upstart financial news network, Sawyer plays Scott Angelus, the ethically-ambiguous "Prince of Wall Street" who clashes with intrepid journalist James Locke (Cleveland), who is determined to prosecute and convict Angelus in the court of public opinion over the course of an intense 10-minute live interview.

The first thing that came to our mind upon hearing Wet Leather's song "Stop Me If I'm Doing It Wrong" was that Bruce Willis' music video for his 1987 song "Respect Yourself" would be the perfect video. When combined in Premiere, without any work at all, the song and video felt perfect together. We pitched Matt Bernstein of Wet Leather on our idea and showed him the test and he loved it. We shot Matt and the rest of the band, and inserted the new material into the old video. We retimed a fair amount of the video so that Bruno's dancing

There are a lot of filmmakers who get their start because their (father / mother / uncle / babysitter / neighbor) is a renowned director or similar. While this has not been the case for us at Iris MediaWorks, we do have some family in the industry. For example, Patrick's uncle Drake Michno has been a chemist at Kodak for the past 34 years, and has received both Oscar and Emmy Technical Awards for his work. Have you heard of VISION3 film? Drake Michno's research was the driving force behind it. In the past few months, Patrick has learned about two more family members who are doing film-related things. First, his nephew Jack, who is in the 4th grade, was the cinematographer for his elementary school's news program! We certainly never had the opportunity to do things like that while in elementary school. It is wonderful that we're fostering a new generation of filmmakers, especially at such a young age. If you're curious what an elementary school news program is like (answer: it is absolutely adorable), check it out: Greenwood News Break.