Illegal Now Available on Hulu

Our feature film, Illegal (formerly Ilegales) is currently one of the featured movies on, the second film we’ve produced that was primarily shot in New Mexico, weaves together the stories of five immigrants in a modern day feature length drama about human trafficking along the U.S./Mexico border. It won Best Actor (Luis Bordonada) and Best Director (Ric Dupont), and was nominated for several more awards at numerous film festivals. reviewed the film, saying

“ILEGALES is a stunning indie film about immigration, and the ways in which we need each other…With a talented ensemble cast, Ilegales,— like Traffic,— takes a view of the trade in drugs and people that is both panoramic and minutely specific. ILEGALES…isn’t about Mexican immigration into the United States as a political cause so much as it is about the lived experiences of these characters and the legal and social institutions they are forced to confront.  The connections the characters have with one another at first seem abstract — kind of like the tenuous connection most white Americans feel with the immigrant labor that grows most of the food that reaches our tables and often as not buses the plates we eat it off. But a variety of Altman-esque links are revealed as the story progresses, and each revelation of interdependency raises the stakes.  ILEGALES doesn’t have a U.S. distributor yet; but a more timely — and sincerely told — film could hardly be imagined.”

                                                                                                                     -LEGALES Review at

The film stars Shirley Rumierk, Luis Bordonada, Omar Leyva, J. Salome Martinez Jr, and Art LaFleur, was edited by Chris Houghton, has an original score by Billy Mallery, casting by Stark Naked Productions, sound design by Silver Sound, key hair and makeup design by Brenda Bush, and was written by Carl W. Lucas.