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A collection of what we've been up to, what we're thinking about, and where we're all going.

A video we produced for Forensiq - Relentlessly Fighting Ad Fraud was impetus behind the top headline in ad-tech for 2014. Forensiq fights digital ad-fraud. They add code to a company's digital ads that detect when an impression is fraudulent -- that is, when a "view" of a banner or video ad is hidden from the consumer and plays without anybody seeing or hearing it. Then they can let the advertiser know how how many of their purchased impressions are real.

Check out part 1 of a 2 part series, supermodel Shaun Ross opens up about love, fear, and why people call him Nissan in this collaboration between Shaun Ross and Essential Home Magazine. Directed by Noah Workman, shot by Martei Korley, graphics by Collin Holmes, and editorial by Than Wixon.

We're extremely pleased to announce that ILEGALES has won two awards at the Naperville Independent Film Festival, where it was nominated for a total of four awards: Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, and Best Actress. Our lead actor, Luis Bordonada, won Best Actor for his portrayal of Ariel Vargas, a day laborer who works in the cotton fields of New Mexico. Luis Bordonada's parents brought him to the U.S. illegally as a child, so he's lived many of the experiences that ILEGALES touches on. Lately, Luis has appeared in The Book of Eli, A Bakery Story and can be seen in the upcoming feature The Reunion. Additionally, he has done theater productions of A Midsummer Night's Dream and The Tempest, television commercials for Showtime Networks, and hosted an entertainment program called Remix TV.

Video is the most effective medium for communicating to the masses. It is easy to consume and share. Content lives indefinitely, without the urgency of a constantly refreshing feed. Video is also the most closely related digital format to desired traditional television budgets. In leveraging this valuable form of advertising potential, YouTube offers brands an opportunity to participate with scale, targeting, and efficient pricing. But what is the cost of a view? Disclaimer: If you are a talented individual, or if you have a talented cat, you’ll always be able to post a video and work for free, organic success. But for those looking to support their view count with video, there are a number of options for generating an audience. Most simply, views can be purchased in a direct buy with YouTube. Every pre-roll ad that runs in front of content does count as a public view, on whatever channel or page being managed by the brand team. These views can most efficiently be purchased directly through Adwords for as low as $.02 per. The audience will be broad and untargeted, but the views are cheap. For qualified targeting in premium channels and content, the bid rises to $.13 per view. Here, a thousand dollars gets 7,692 qualified views. The challenge in this direct purchase is the pre-roll format should be conducive to an ad structure of 15 or 30 seconds, or an alluring piece of content lasting several minutes. But a 90-minute documentary as a pre-roll advertisement would be offensive

The first thing that came to our mind upon hearing Wet Leather's song "Stop Me If I'm Doing It Wrong" was that Bruce Willis' music video for his 1987 song "Respect Yourself" would be the perfect video. When combined in Premiere, without any work at all, the song and video felt perfect together. We pitched Matt Bernstein of Wet Leather on our idea and showed him the test and he loved it. We shot Matt and the rest of the band, and inserted the new material into the old video. We retimed a fair amount of the video so that Bruno's dancing and singing lined up with the new music as much as possible, and after some color correction, low quality rendering, and other post, we had something that we were all very happy with.